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You can apply for the DV Lottery free of charge at dvprogram.state.gov. You do not need any brokerage firm or consultant for this.

However, most individual applications are unsuccessful due to faulty photographs, incorrect entry of information, and missing the application deadline.

Therefore, if you are not confident about the application, you can reach the consultants whose reliability has been proven below, and you can contact them to apply on your behalf and follow your application.

1. usdvlottery.app 

The web page you are currently on. Our team with 7+ years of experience in diversity visa can support you during the application process. Most of the diversity visa applicants are eliminated due to mistakes made during the application process. We can make an error-free application by checking your information on your behalf. In addition, if you win the dv lottery, we are with you with our award-winning and discounted consultancy service until you reach America.

Our service fee for the DV 2025 application is 25 USD per application. If you have children, you do not need to pay any additional fees.

If your spouse will also apply (double luck), the 2nd application fee will be calculated as 15 USD. (For the discount to be valid, it must be specified at the time of application.)

Payment methods: credit card, usdt, bank transfer,

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